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At IAMS we cater to owner’s requests and needs throughout the duration of our contracts. Our Agents are trained specifically for each Market and have the knowledge and ability to retain the highest possible offers for each Aircraft listed with IAMS. Our company is well rehearsed in the selling and acquisition of all types of Jets, Turboprop and Piston powered Aircrafts and Helicopters. Our experienced staff is well diversified in culture, language and all type of business transactions. Once IAMS is selected as your marketing firm, IAMS will begin to build your marketing package.

With over 100 years of combined sales experience, IAMS has been continually in the top 3, while maintaining the 1st position for the entire aircraft sales industry for most closed aircraft sales transactions on a month to month basis!

Handshake, making a deal, teamwork


At IAMS we make effectively identifying your needs, budget and Aviation goals a priority so that we can quickly locate appropriate Aircraft to purchase. With access to unlimited on market and unadvertised off-market aircraft, we guarantee to find you the best deal available. Our strong relationships with other worldwide Aircraft Brokers and Industry professionals allows us to have first exposure to new Aircraft coming to market. As your Broker, we will negotiate the lowest price possible for your Aircraft purchase and guide you through the entire process from locating an Aircraft, to preparing closing documents, to arranging a shop for any maintenance, paint or interior work. We hope to create a positive long-lasting relationship in which you will return to IAMS to purchase, sell or trade an Aircraft in the future.


Trade Ins

IAMS has the resources necessary to turn your trade-in aircraft into the purchasing power needed to secure your next Aircraft.  This stems from the 1,000s of transactions completed by IAMS and the long-distinguished list of principal buyers, aircraft investors, and foreign contacts.  Each client will benefit tremendously from IAMS’ position in the market and will obtain the highest possibility of a match for the trade scenario.


International Aircraft Marketing & Sales offers Relocation of your Aircraft. The relocation of your aircraft will be properly handled by one of our numerous crew members or contract pilots. All of our locally based Aircraft are cared after and are always ready for showings to potential Buyers. Each showing is handled by a seasoned agent or owner of the company. The unnecessary expenses and planning are handled by International Aircraft Marketing & Sales throughout the term of the sale process.

International Aircraft Marketing & Sales (IAMS) offers extensive detailing services to each of our locally based clients. These services are extended at no charge to any of our clients looking to relocate their Aircraft to our Sarasota, Florida offices and showroom. Each of IAMS’ Aircraft is kept in a show-ready condition. Daily IAMS’ Aircrafts are cared after with our in-house Aircraft Detailing crew that handles every aspect of an Aircraft consisting of: Washing, Drying, Polishing, Leading & Heated Edge Bright Work, Spinners, Polishes De-Ice boots, Steam Cleans Carpets, Leather Treatment, Vinyl and Fabric Treatment and all Glass care. IAMS has dozens of Professional Type rated Contract Pilots to assist with the relocation of IAMS’ exclusively listed Aircraft. This is imperative when it comes to the relocation flights, demonstration flights, and delivery flights that are needed on a weekly basis at IAMS.

IAMS works directly with onsite and offsite Aviation Vendors that provide IAMS deep Dealer Discounts for any Airframe or Engine Maintenance, Interior Refurbishments, Paint Repair or Replacement, Hangar Storage, Insurance Motion & Non-Motion, and any other services that are necessary for Aircraft Operations or Sales.

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