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is a diversified and worldwide Aircraft Brokerage and Acquisition Firm placing an emphasis on developing and sustaining long-term client relationships. Our years of experience in all facets of the Aviation Industry, provide our clients with the necessary information to stay ahead of market curves and trends. Our strong presence in the Industry and positive relationships with various Industry professionals, allows us to provide outstanding service to buyers and sellers alike. We look forward to assisting you with all of your Aircraft needs.

The faces of the World’s most successful Aircraft Brokerage Firm

Meet The Team

James Perkins picture, headshot, president

James Perkins

James has 20 years of Aviation experience with the majority of the years in the Aircraft Sales, Finance and Leasing sector. James has overseen 1000 Aircraft transactions occurring  all over the Globe. He is a skilled negotiator and has conducted sales with Airlines, Charter Companies, Air Ambulance Operators, Freight Companies, and a host of Fortune 500 and 100 Companies. James is a type rated Pilot in the Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Citation 500, 525S and 650 Jet models which gives him an added edge over the competition. James also oversees an Aircraft Finance Company that provides capital for the purchase of Corporate Aircraft throughout the United States.

Celia Perkins picture, headshot, vice-president

Celia Perkins

Celia is originally from New York but graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Multinational Business Operations and Marketing. She is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, which gives her the ultimate edge over any competition when negotiating complex transactions. Celia has extensive international business travel and has overseen transactions in over 20 different countries. Most of her work is in the Corporate Aviation field and consists of the international trade and acquisition of Turbine Aircraft. Celia also owns an Aviation Finance business that provides capital to corporate Aircraft owners, which keeps her busy around the clock. Celia splits her time with travel around the world and growing and improving the Aviation businesses she co owns with her husband James, always feeling fortunate to be able to enjoy the business and personal life by his side.

Brian Bartunek picture, headshot, VP of Marketing & Sales

Brian Bartunek

Brian has been in private aviation since 2011, where he worked with the largest fractional ownership companies in the industry and OEM maintenance facilities. He has a very keen eye for detail which is coupled with a finance background. Never running short on energy or motivation, he is always moving in a positive direction. With direct experience in the product lines from Learjet, Hawker Beechjet, Citation, Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Dassault Falcon, he has a well-rounded ability to stay current in today’s market and the latest demand trends in the industry. As an avid travel enthusiast and adrenaline seeker, he retains a worldly approach to his dealings and interactions.

Main Headshot 1.jpeg

Ryan Bowne

Tampa, Florida born and raised, Ryan is an avid sports fan, and especially loves to watch and play hockey, Go Bolts! He is competitive, driven, and adventurous in all aspects of life. He is continuously raising the bar. A true experienced salesman that puts the client's needs first and will go the extra mile. He has a creative sales approach, is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone, and does the hard things that lead to success. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Florida, Ryan sets goals and puts forth the effort to accomplish them. 

Jordan Purnell, picture, headshot, Executive Sales Agent

Jordan Purnell 


Jordan Purnell was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and was a dual-enrolled student for Lansing Community College and Michigan State University, where he studied Computer Graphics Animation and Telecommunication. He made the transition to Florida in the summer of 2014 following new and exciting opportunities. Jordan loves to fly and would travel often around the US as a sales manager. He would meet regularly with business owners to facilitate increasing company sales, set sales goals, and maintain a positive sales environment. Jordan is an adrenaline seeker and enjoys motorcycles and jet aircraft. He has a competitive nature and failure does not scare him, it fuels him. Jordan has the skillful ability to hear the issue and resolve the problem for his clients. His favorite quote is, "You don't Grind, You don't Shine!" Jordan is a go-getter and will exceed your aircraft transaction expectations.


Heath Owens 


After serving 11 years as a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff in Kentucky, Heath decided to pursue his passion for aviation. When he’s not flying around his 172, you’ll find him out on the lake. He has a very technical approach to aircraft and although he deals with many fixed wing airframes, his specialty is helicopters. Whether it is for commercial use in spraying, or to get from the farm to the jet, Heath will run the info to make sure he finds the right rotary wing aircraft to fit the mission.

Ian Murphy picture, headshot, Cessna Sales Manager

Ian Murphy 

Ian Murphy is originally from Virginia and has a degree in Marketing. An avid pilot for over 20 years, he is familiar and well versed in all types of Aircraft. Ian is a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of sales experience. He founded and managed his own successful business for over 20 years before he became a part of the Cessna Sales Team dealer network. Ian served as a Cessna new single-engine aircraft sales representative for 11 years, working with the largest new single-engine Cessna dealer in the world. He also worked as a liaison for the Cessna Pilot Center program facilitating partnership and lasting relationships between the flight training industry and the manufacturer. Ian brings his years of expertise in the Aviation Industry to IAMS and will be able to successfully assist you with all of your Aircraft sales and purchases.


Nick Walker


A Sarasota, Florida native, Nick discovered his love for adventure and aviation when volunteering for a K-9 Search and Rescue organization in disaster relief around and outside of the country.  These experiences taught him the value of urgency and problem solving in a way few things can. In sales Nick quickly developed a reputation for delivering a familial customer experience while developing emerging markets.  Knowledgeable, controlled, creative, and relentlessly positive, he seeks to understand his customers and their respective markets equally to deliver optimal results. Never afraid to take on new challenges, he always puts his customers first. When he is not in the office, you’ll find him exploring the outdoors or flying military aircraft simulators.  

Andres Headshot.jpg

Andres Monroy


Andres is a Sarasota, Florida native and a first generation American. With his Colombian background, Andres is fluent in English and Spanish and can effectively communicate and relate with international clients. Andres holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Muma College of Business - University of South Florida. His interpersonal skills paired with his extensive marketing experience, allows Andres to be able to clearly understand a client’s needs and then deliver on those needs. He has a lifelong passion for creating music and curating creative experiences, while enlightening those around him with new ideas. Andres brings innovative ideas to the marketing and successful sale of each of his client’s Aircraft. Private aviation has always been around Andres and the true interest he has in it keeps his motivation and ambitions clear and focused.


Elijah Thieret


Coming from an Airforce family, Elijah grew up right next to SRQ Airport and has always had a passion for aviation. As a sales professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Elijah brings a highly energetic and positive outlook to any situation.  Having been an ex collegiate and semi-pro baseball player, Elijah thrives in fast paced environments and loves competition at its highest level.  He is a big believer in self-development and always enjoys staying on top of market trends. With a can-do, anything is possible attitude, you can always expect Elijah to find a solution! In his personal life, Elijah is a father and family man who loves sports, anything water related and considers himself a foodie who enjoys traveling the globe to places like Thailand, Singapore, and Nicaragua.  One of Elijah’s true passions in life is giving back and helping others maximize their full potential. 


Stewart Miller


Stewart is a dynamic individual originally from Birmingham, Alabama, where he was a former NCAA Division 1 athlete.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Auburn University's Harbert College of Business and has always had a long-cherished dream of a career in Private Aviation.  With a proven successful track record in sales, Stewart has closed deals of all scales for Fortune 100 companies, showcasing his adept negotiation skills and business acumen.  Venturing into real-estate investment, he found great success, propelling his career to new heights.  As a former college athlete, Stewart has a relentless drive and competitive nature that fuels his passion for getting deals done efficiently and effectively.  His prowess as a relationship builder ensures that he remains deeply invested in his client’s goals, negotiating on their behalf at every step of the transaction.  Drawing on his diverse attributes from real-estate, athletics, and sales, Stewart thrives as a successful broker catering to a diverse clientele.  His dedication to excellence and client satisfaction makes him an unparalleled force in the private aviation industry.


Mike Milanovic


Milos “Mike” Milanovic has been in sales his entire life.  His family immigrated to the US in 1997 from Serbia and Mike grew up and spent most of his life in Chicago.  With his father as a commercial pilot, Mike has always been passionate about Aviation.  He can strike up a conversation with anyone and has a true care to ensure the deal goes through successfully.  In his spare time, Mike enjoys boating, fishing, NFL football, traveling, and meeting new people.  He lives life to the fullest and looks at every situation with a positive outlook.  Mike has successfully combined his sales skills and love for Aviation to be successful in aircraft sales.


Reed McLelland


Reed McLelland, a native of New Orleans turned Huntsville local, navigated from his roots in Alabama to a dynamic career in private aviation. Graduating from the University of North Alabama with a double major in Business Management and Marketing, he seamlessly merged his extensive sales experience with his passion for private aviation. When not successfully putting together aircraft deals, Reed can be found on the golf course. His vibrant personality and proven sales success makes Reed an asset to the IAMS team and his client base.

Haley Perkins Headshot 11.15.2023.jpg

Haley Perkins 


Haley is a Sarasota, Florida native with a lifelong love for Aviation.  She created a presence in the real estate industry and has continued to marry her love for business and travel with Aviation.  Haley has traveled all over the US, Bahamas, Latin America, and Europe and her extensive travel experience allows her to connect with clients with various backgrounds.  She strives to meet customer needs with great success and promotes top tier customer service.  Haley is driven, competitive, and spontaneous in all aspects of life and her ability to problem solve will exceed each client’s expectations.


Carol Perkins


Carol Perkins is originally from New Hampshire but moved  to sunny Sarasota to raise her children. She retired after 32 years with the Sarasota County School system  where she was an  Executive Assistant and Secretary to the Principal. Carol’s punctuality, dedication, and attention to detail is a great asset to the IAMS team. As the first point of contact at IAMS she warmly greets all visitors and clients.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren, and traveling.

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