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is a diversified and worldwide Aircraft Brokerage and Acquisition Firm placing an emphasis on developing and sustaining long-term client relationships. Our years of experience in all facets of the Aviation Industry, provide our clients with the necessary information to stay ahead of market curves and trends. Our strong presence in the Industry and positive relationships with various Industry professionals, allows us to provide outstanding service to buyers and sellers alike. We look forward to assisting you with all of your Aircraft needs.

The faces of the World’s most successful Aircraft Brokerage Firm

Meet The Team

James Perkins

James has 20 years of Aviation experience with the majority of the years in the Aircraft Sales, Finance and Leasing sector. James has overseen 1000 Aircraft transactions occurring  all over the Globe. He is a skilled negotiator and has conducted sales with Airlines, Charter Companies, Air Ambulance Operators, Freight Companies, and a host of Fortune 500 and 100 Companies. James is  a type rated Pilot in the Phenom and Citation Jet models which gives him an added edge over the competition. James also oversees an Aircraft Finance Company that provides capital for the purchase of Corporate Aircraft throughout the United States.


Celia Perkins

As an accomplished salesperson, Celia is the expert in International Sales. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science in Multinational Business Operations and Marketing. Celia is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English. Her ability to relate effectively to our international clients provides IAMS with the unique ability to have a strong presence in South America and Europe. She has extensive international travel and business experience which provides her with the ability to negotiate and expedite transactions with ease. Her attention to detail and efficiency in completing transactions will exceed your expectations.


Ian Murphy

Ian Murphy is originally from Virginia and has a degree in Marketing. An avid pilot for over 20 years, he is familiar and well versed in all types of Aircraft. Ian is a sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of sales experience. He founded and managed his own successful business for over 20 years before he became a part of the Cessna Sales Team dealer network. Ian served as a Cessna new single-engine aircraft sales representative for 11 years, working with the largest new single-engine Cessna dealer in the world. He also worked as a liaison for the Cessna Pilot Center program facilitating partnership and lasting relationships between the flight training industry and the manufacturer. Ian brings his years of expertise in the Aviation Industry to IAMS and will be able to successfully assist you with all of your Aircraft sales and purchases.


Brian Bartunek

Brian has been in private aviation since 2011, where he worked with the largest fractional ownership companies in the industry and OEM maintenance facilities. He has a very keen eye for detail which is coupled with a finance background. Never running short on energy or motivation, he is always moving in a positive direction. With direct experience in the product lines from Learjet, Hawker Beechjet, Citation, Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Dassault Falcon, he has a well-rounded ability to stay current in today’s market and the latest demand trends in the industry. As an avid travel enthusiast and adrenaline seeker, he retains a worldly approach to his dealings and interactions.


Jack Kearny

Originally growing up in New York, Jack was an avid athlete and competitor.  He received multiple professional baseball offers after his senior year of High School and went on to play professionally as a pitcher. Jack went on to complete his BA in Finance and moved into the professional business realm.  Jack oversaw an industry leading Fortune 500 company’s sales team that was tasked with only dealing with high net worth clients.  While bringing a modern approach to negotiations, Jack has developed a strong passion for dealing with large transactions and getting the right deal accomplished for all parties involved.  Jack enjoys skydiving, traveling and as much of an adventure as possible in his spare time.  He brings an enthusiastic and relentless approach to life and the tasks at hand!


Alexandra Hedrich

Alexandra Hedrich was born and raised in Ecuador before moving to the US in 2002. With no prior English speaking background, she became fluent in English and attended college in New York where she received her Associates Degree. Alex has had several years of experience as a Personal and Executive Assistant in New York and in Florida. Alex's face is the first you see when you come to our Sarasota offices. Alex loves spending time with her two kids Leigton & Noah. She enjoys Aviation and the daily excitement and challenges it brings. As a Sales Agent she uses her skills to assist Buyers in quick Market analysis and updates for a smooth transaction. 

Michael Lewis 



Michael grew up around Aviation in Sarasota, Florida. He obtained his Business Management degree from the University of South Florida and later moved to Pittsburgh for Air Traffic Control School. Michael has been in sales for many years and thoroughly enjoys the challenge, benefits, and long-lasting relationships made with clients and colleagues. He has his private pilot rating and is currently working on his multi-engine and instrument ratings. Michael's knowledge of Aviation and many different aspects of the industry is a great asset to IAMS. 

Tom Lelyo



Originally from Pennsylvania, where he attained his Master's Degree, Tom was inspired by aviation very early in life and began taking his first flight lessons in high school. He is always positive, meticulous, and energetic. As a former youth minister, Tom has strong core values and builds strong client relationships based on trust and understanding. He knows the value of listening to people and is able to effectively handle each client's individual needs. Always on the move, Tom enjoys playing music, soccer, and spending time with his wife and 5 children. 

Jordan Purnell 



Jordan Purnell was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and was a dual-enrolled student for Lansing Community College and Michigan State University, where he studied Computer Graphics Animation and Telecommunication. He made the transition to Florida in the summer of 2014 following new and exciting opportunities. Jordan loves to fly and would travel often around the US as a sales manager. He would meet regularly with business owners to facilitate increasing company sales, set sales goals, and maintain a positive sales environment. Jordan is an adrenaline seeker and enjoys motorcycles and jet aircraft. He has a competitive nature and failure does not scare him, it fuels him. Jordan has the skillful ability to hear the issue and resolve the problem for his clients. His favorite quote is, "You don't Grind, You don't Shine!" Jordan is a go-getter and will exceed your aircraft transaction expectations.

Ryan Bowne 



Tampa, Florida born and raised, Ryan is an avid sports fan, and especially loves to watch and play hockey, Go Bolts! He is competitive, driven, and adventurous in all aspects of life. He is continuously raising the bar. A true experienced salesman that puts the client's needs first and will go the extra mile. He has a creative sales approach, is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone, and does the hard things that lead to success. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Florida, Ryan sets goals and puts forth the effort to accomplish them. 

David Frazier



Originally from a small lakefront town in Ohio, David is an enthusiastic Ohio State football fan! Through attending a top 50 private school, he has gained strong leadership skills and commits to tackling all challenges. David has had many successful years in sales by being a genuine listener, helping others, and sustaining long-lasting relationships. His clients always find that he goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Buyers and sellers know they can rely on David when seeking knowledge regarding the aviation marketplace. Not only is he devoted to his work, he is also family-oriented and has dedicated his life to building a family legacy. 

Christina Augustine



Christina is a Sarasota, Florida native. She is an admirer of the arts, a coffee fanatic, and enjoys nature. She has had years of experience in the Marketing field. Fueled by her passion to mix her creative side with business, she is an excellent addition to IAMS. Christina found her niche while studying at the University of South Florida, and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. Always utilizing innovative methods, clients and colleagues know they can count on her to successfully market their aircraft.