The faces of the World’s most successful Aircraft Brokerage Firm

Pete Conrad

Pete Conrad has been around Aviation his entire life and has been in the Aviation Business for the past 30 years. He is the oldest son of Astronaut Captain Charles (Pete) Conrad, the 3rd man to walk on the moon when he was chosen to command Apollo 12. As a boy, Pete would be his Father’s copilot practicing lift offs and re-entries into the Earth’s atmosphere. At age 16, Pete received his pilot’s license and later went to high school at Texas Military Institute in San Antonio, Texas and then the University of Texas. Pete acquired his Single/Multi-engine commercial, instrument ratings at Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. After flying corporate for some time, he went to work for Sierra Industries based in Uvalde, Texas and spent 28 years flying, working on aircraft, and selling maintenance and modifications. Pete has a vast knowledge for all aspects of Aviation and can certainly exceed your expectations in any of your Aircraft sales or purchases.

Michael Lewis

Michael grew up around Aviation in Sarasota, Florida. He obtained his Business Management degree from the University of South Florida and later moved to Pittsburgh for Air Traffic Control School. Michael has been in sales for many years and thoroughly enjoys the challenge, benefits and long-lasting relationships made with clients and colleagues. He has his private pilot rating and is currently working on his multi-engine and instrument ratings. Michael’s knowledge of Aviation and the many different aspects of the industry is a great asset to IAMS.

Christian Machin 

Christian is a true Florida native and graduate of The Florida State University, receiving his Bachelor’s Degrees in Applied Economics and International Affairs. Christian possesses many years of experience as an analyst; this has given him a keen lens to identify and sell the best aircraft to any client. Being fluent in Spanish, as well as in English, allows him to promote internationally and effectively work with buyers abroad. Always positive and insightful, he is a firm believer in building strong community and spends the majority of free time doing volunteer work.

Tom Lelyo 

Originally from Pennsylvania, where he attained his Master’s Degree, Tom was inspired by aviation very early in life and began taking his first flight lessons in high school. He is always positive, meticulous and energetic. As a former youth minister, Tom has strong core values and builds strong client relationships based on trust and understanding. He knows the value of listening to people and is able to effectively handle each client’s individual needs. Always on the move, Tom enjoys playing music, soccer, and spending time with his wife and 5 children.

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